Schneider Telemecanique Sensors

Schneider Telemecanique Sensors

Telemecanique Limit Switches
Telemecanique Inductive Sensors & Capacitive Sensors
Telemecanique Photoelectric Sensors
Telemecanique Photoelectric range
Telemecanique Ultrasonic Sensors
Telemecanique Pressure sensors
Telemecanique Safety sensors & switches
Telemecanique RFID and Inductive Identification Systems
Telemecanique Cloud Connected Sensor

As a global leader in the sensor industry for over 90 years, Telemecanique Sensors offers a wide range of sensing products to address virtually any detection challenge.

Using this single sensor source, you can:

  • Detect the presence, absence or position of an object.
  • Detect gas or liquid pressure levels and thresholds.
  • Manage access control and implement tracking systems.
  • Monitor even unreachable detection assets using IoT technology on your phone or mobile device.

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